• Age specific classes between birth and three years.

    Baby FUNdamentals Drop-In (birth – 6 months).

    Being a new parent is a time of wonder...and wondering. Come with your infant and visit with other parents of newborns. There will be discussions about how to stimulate your infant’s development, information on sleeping and feeding your little one, networking with other parents and ways to foster your child’s growth and development. For more information or to RSVP call our West 7th at Monroe and Wheelock sites or just drop-in!

    Discussion topics include:

    •  Sleep

    •  Play

    •  Feeding

    •  Resources

    •  Crying and calming

    •  Development

    •  Parenting Roles

    •  Safety

    •  Post-Partum Depression

    •  Tummy Time

    •  Back to work

    •  Sign Language

    •  Sharing Birth Stories

    •  Music and Massage

    •  Immunizations

    •  Bonding and Attachment

    Infants - for parents and their infants (birth – 12 months) will include many of the topics that are listed in the Baby FUNdamentals Drop-In but are discussed more in depth.

    Toddlers – gradually separating class for parents and their children ages 12 - 24 months.

    Birth to K classes – geared toward a specific age range (Birth to Kindergarten), targeting the common concerns and needs of both parents and children. Topics include:

    •  Developmental stages/challenges

    •  Discipline Strategies

    •  Brain development

    •  What children learn from play

    •  Emotions/feelings

    •  Family Traditions

    •  Parenting styles

    •  Limit Setting/consequences

    •  Temperament

    •  Nutrition


    Community Specific classes – cover the same topics as birth to k and address issues that are specific to the culture of the group. In Hmong, Karen and Spanish speaking classes, the parenting component is conducted in the language of the group. The children’s component is in English. Groups include:


    •  Adoptive parents

    •  Hmong speaking families

    •  African American families

    •  Karen speaking families

    •  American Indian families

    •  Somali speaking families

    • Dads

    •  Spanish speaking

    •  LGBT families



    Evening classes – cover the same range of topics as the Birth to K classes and are made available in the evenings to accommodate acessability.

    Family Literacy – Early Childhood Family Education combined with English Language Learning (ELL) classes and parent education for families. Parents must take the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) and be between levels 0 and 6. Families learning English attend three days per week with their children who are birth-kindergarten (K) entrance.

    Parenting Across Cultures – a class where families from a variety of cultural backgrounds can share and learn about child development practices in the United States. The classes are conducted in English.