Valentines for Vets

Register for Valentines for Vets 2014
The National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans will be observed the week of February 9-15, 2014.
Each year it is timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, which is a perfect time to open our hearts in
appreciation to the veterans who served our country. Please join us again this year in honoring
them with valentine cards and thoughtful letters that show they are not forgotten. The messages
will be delivered to veterans at the Minneapolis VA Hospital and the Minnesota Veterans Home.

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:
♥ Avoid using glitter, toxic glue or fragrances on the cards & letters.
♥ Sign cards and letters using first names only.
♥ Exclude personal contact information and photos.

Please have the cards packaged, labeled and placed in your school office before noon on Friday, Feb. 7th.
They will be collected that afternoon to allow sufficient time for sorting and delivery to the veterans.

The Valentines for Vets project is coordinated by the Saint Paul Public Schools Service-Learning
Program. We encourage you to bring more academic value to this project by connecting it to literacy
standards, social studies, history and art. If you would like information or guidance on incorporating
service-learning into this activity, please call Roxie Laugeson at 651-325-2670 or e-mail

Valentines for Vets - Letter to Teachers