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Program Mission
Discovery Club's mission is to provide out-of-school time Child Care in a safe, fun, nurturing environment that supports children's learning and development.

Children participate in a variety of academic enrichment, recreational and cultural activities that informally support learning and social development. Life and social skills, such as cooperation, teamwork, and problem solving are fostered in a caring and accepting environment. Additionally, Discovery Club staff connect with school-day teachers to better support children's learning, including scheduled homework times.

Discovery Club is fee-based program administered by the Community Education Department of Saint Paul Public Schools.

Where is Discovery Club?
Any student enrolled at a Saint Paul Public school in areas A, E, or F without Discovery Club may apply to hub locations within the same district area.


2015-2016 Discovery Club Locations and Contact information:

Adams Spanish Immersion                                   Justine Osum                 651-744-6594

Crossroads                                                            Liz Rauer-Kramer          651-767-8553

Expo                                                                      Caron Handberg            651-290-8318

*Four Seasons  (Serving Area F schools)             Jon Van Wyk                 651-744-7952

*Hamline (Serving Area E Schools)                      Jon Van Wyk                  651-744-1090

Highland                                                                Justine Osum                651-744-2611

Horace Mann                                                         Nicole Jansma              651-744-4281

J. J. Hill                                                                  Erica Erickson               651-744-6898

*L'Etoile du Nord (Serving Area A schools)           Kim Engstrom               651-290-8320

*Nokomis South   (Serving Area B schools)          Linda Elliott                   651-744-7445

Randolph Heights                                                  Chrissy Negen              651-744-2004

Rondo                                                                    Cathy Nordman             651-325-2680

St. Anthony Park                                                    Kelsey Brodsho            651-293-5332


*Discovery Club Hub Locations- Serving schools within their district area.  Busing to and from the childs attending school to the hub location is available.