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Program Mission
Discovery Club's mission is to provide out-of-school time programming in a safe, fun, caring environment that supports children's learning and development.

Children participate in a variety of academic enrichment, recreational and cultural activities that informally support learning and social development. Life and social skills, such as cooperation, teamwork, and problem solving are fostered in a caring and accepting environment. Additionally, Discovery Club staff connect with school-day teachers to better support children's learning, including scheduled homework times.

Discovery Club is fee-based program administered by the Community Education Department of Saint Paul Public Schools.

Where is Discovery Club? (click image to enlarge)
Any student enrolled at a Saint Paul Public school without Discovery Club may apply to hub locations within the same district area.

Update:  Discovery Club at Riverview and Mississippi will not open for fall 2014.  Pre-K extended day care will not be available at Nokomis Discovery Club fall 2014.



Area EArea FArea CArea DArea BArea A

Location Site Manager Phone


615 S. Chatsworth St., 55102

Justine Osum

o: 651-744-6594

c: 651-231-1538


543 Front St., 55117

Liz Rauer-Kramer

o: 651-767-8553

c: 651-231-1957


540 Warwick St. S., 55116

Caron Handberg

o: 651-290-8318

c: 651-231-1957

Four Seasons *

(Serving Area F Schools)

318 Moore St., 55104

Jon Van Wyk

o: 651-744-7952

c: 651-231-2138

Hamline *

(Serving Area E Schools)

1599 Englewood Ave., 55104

Jon Van Wyk

o: 651-744-1090

c: 651-231-2138

Highland Elem.

1700 Saunders Ave., 55116

Justine Osum

o: 651-744-2611

c: 651-231-1538

Horace Mann

2001 Eleanor Ave., 55116

Nicole Jansma

o: 651-744-4281

c: 651-230-2386

J.J. Hill

998 Selby Ave., 55104

Erica Erickson

o: 651-744-6898

c: 651-231-2083

L'Etoile du Nord

1305 Prosperity Ave., 55106

Kim Engstrom

o: 651-290-8320

c: 651-230-3144

Mississippi *

Update: Will not open for fall 2014

Nokomis *

(Serving Area A Schools)

Update: Not offering extended Pre-K care fall 2014

985 Ruth St., 55119

Linda Elliott

o: 651-744-7445

c: 651-230-2261

Randolph Heights

348 Hamline Ave., 55105


Chrissy Negen

o: 651-744-2004

c: 651-231-1427

Riverview *

Update: Will not open for fall 2014

(Ben Mays &
Capitol Hill)

560 Concordia Ave., 55103

Cathy Nordman

o: 651-325-2680

c: 651-336-0322

St. Anthony Park

2180 Knapp St., 55108

Kelsey Brodsho

o: 651-293-5332

c: 651-231-1686

* Transportation will be provided between the child's attending school and the Discovery Club hub by the St. Paul Public Schools Transportation Department.  Parents will drop off and pick up their students from the hub site before and after school.  Students will be encouraged to attend Discovery Club at their assigned school is available.