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Volunteer Opportunities

Flipside Afterschool recognizes the value and importance of active and meaningful family engagement in their children’s education. There are many ways you can volunteer to support the flipside afterschool program. Check in with your school's Site Coordinator to see what is currently available.  Volunteer opportunities are currently on hold during the pandemic.

Class Instructor 
Provide instruction of a skill or topic or leadership of activities to support the positive development of youth participating in the Flipside afterschool program within the Community Education Department.   

Learning Walk Observer 
This is where an observer walks through all the learning areas of the program, including hallways, looking at youth and adults interacting and at the tangible things being produced (youth projects and activities, materials, postings to walls). This can be done as an individual or in teams.  Each observer takes notes about specific examples of what he/she sees or hears. 

Field Trip Chaperone 
Attend field trips to assist staff with supervision and accountability.  Duties include:  reminding youth of rules and expectations, taking attendance and assist with emergency response.  

Homework Assistant 
Work with students to assist with questions about their homework assignments.

Event Set Up & Support 
Assist staff in setting up for Flipside Family Nights or Program Events.  Duties include:  setting up chairs, tables, food preparation, food serving, decorating space, cleaning up space.  

Walk around the program areas and take pictures and/or video of youth participating.  Upload photos to the google drive.  Editing photos & video is optional. 

Cultural Presentations 
Schedule a presentation to a specific class or the whole program about a specific culture.  Presentation could include a slide show, food samples, cultural celebrations etc. 

Career Presentation 
Schedule a presentation to share the specifics of what it takes to be successful in a specific career.  What is a day like on the job, training required, education required and salary expectations.