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Parent Resources

Parent/Guardian Awareness Class on Teen Driver Safety

This 90-minute class for the parents/guardians of teen drivers is designed to increase parental awareness and involvement with teen driving issues in order to further reduce teen involved traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities and to explain the Minnesota graduated driver licensing process. Completion of this course allows the parent/guardian and teen driver to complete 40-hours of supervised driving instead of 50-hours. A certificate of completion will be issued to the parent/guardian at the end of the class that will need to be submitted to the driver exam staff at the time of the student's road test. The certificate is valid for one teen; for subsequent teens who complete a driver education program, another parent class is required.

Click here for available classes and to register.

DPS Brochures

More information from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety:

   Teens Behind the Wheel

   Teen and Parent Driving Contract

   Teen Driver Road Rules

   New Teen Driver Laws

On the Move!  Traffic Safety Tips for Teens

Click here for AAA's quick guide to important traffic safety issues for teen drivers.

Winter Driving Tips

Review winter driving tips from the Minnesota Safety Council.

Teens, Technology, and Drugs

Read the article from AAA regarding teen drug use and driving.