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Program Expectations

Prepare for class:

  • Gymnasts should wear comfortable, fitted athletic clothing without zippers or buttons. Leotards are encouraged but not required.
  • Gymnasts will be barefoot during class
  • Jewelry must be removed for class.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • Water bottles are encouraged but must have re-sealable lids.
  • No food or beverage (besides water) is allowed in the gym.

Observation Policy:

To provide a safe learning environment in our gymnastics gyms, observation of programs is limited to the last day of class, when possible. Observers distract gymnasts and increase the possibility of accidents. On observation day, child guests must be seated with their parent/guardian. Observation days will happen only if space is available.

Participant Evaluation & Progression:

Participants are evaluated throughout their class. On the last day of the session, Parents/Guardians will receive information regarding what level the child should be registered for in the upcoming session. It is common for youth to stay at one level for several sessions before mastering the skills to progress to the next level. Coach approval is required to progress.